I start this line with I

I found her in a closet once

Clutching a down comforter

crying with red blood shot eyes

mom what is wrong?

I was staring at the ground

her image stained on beige carpet

“go away” she says “I’m fine”

left my backpack in the car

I take the keys

her trembling pale hands now within reach

clutches the knob

looming white four panel door shadows swallow her

I am on the river fishing for bluegill

she walks off with the followers

begging for more time

Id always risk abandonment for fishing

There was nothing as good as a hug from mom

her reassurance, always so confident around me


the root of her deception

i could never understand why someone would do what she did

hiding everything that was true from the only ones who could


attacking those closest why?

Shame, i don’t know, something

I still loved her though

i knew deep down something wasn’t right

given my alternative I preferred a wacked out mom to an unstable


turns out he was bipolar untreated

I have a lock box for these moments

sitting heavy in my chest

an emotional weight keeps me flightless for now

She cries out loud when she thinks I’ve gone

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