In The Tide of Life


In the tide of life waves large and small cresting forth to eternity as angels sleep among the stars I cant sleep anymore

Dreams more life like than when I am awake to remember those who do not dream anymore they live within my dreams and the stories we tell can you hear them breathing in the wind?

Saintly souls guiding us forth the darkness can be so cold in winter the light so blistering in summer the blessed take refuge as burning hot embers rain in from heaven

Ashes of those destroyed in hate cover our faces Millions of lungs breathing in the dust so that the fallen may live among our breath their names in our

If we could hear their voices would they be proud or ashamed of what those who live have done with their names A war to remember and soldiers to forget

On this anniversary of steel and blood remember that fear is the goal be not afraid of a fiery fate but fear most what comes of revenge and hate

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