A birdy in my skull

My head my head its hurting full of sand

The sand that pours from my mouth

Like water from a leaking dam

Raging down the little stream

Into my mouth flies the wind

The sand stops pouring whoring

In my mouth my mouth its full of sharp things

Pouring from my mouth is a river of blood

It carries the sand out of my soul so I can float again

Float high on the water like oil I stand

I am amphipathic

Stay put birdy while I fix you a bath

Boil you in love and oil

Crispy skin soft texture beneath your clothing of feathers

Brings in the ants as they smell your roasting soul

The ants carry maggots to eat away your rotting memories

They grow fat on the pictures of our past

Flies then emerge from your birdy brain

And my mouth is filled with dark matter

The flies play chicken with cars splatter

Guts and gears stain the flies’ sunglasses

My guts are leaking as I struggle arms beating

To pry my body from the polarized lens

You birdy phoenix rise from your deep fried ashes

Steal me away from this place where god lives

Birdy your jubilation has halted

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