Soul crushing silence, it fits in my hand
like the first time you saw Christmas
You knew it wouldn’t last
But you tricked yourself anyways

You know you always can.

I sit inside this prison of glass
Staring out as you all float past
under the waves dreams last

But I keep floating up
and you keep floating past
That victory note, gone in a flash

They like to say in moments like that
Beauty and innocence fade far to fast
like a firefly trapped in a glass
The oxygen runs out then the bug goes black.

There is no glory in the love of another
Only indulgence, the chance to be smothered
Thats a good word, it rhymes with your mother.
When I write poems a chance to uncover

The emotions that plauge me, I cant ignore
I want to leave them on the shower floor

But all the soap doesnt clean me
But your touch it soothes as I gasp
Reality springs as my heart starts to clap
Beating with rythm you brought me back.

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