peaceful repose

I feel the creep of your thoughts
Cheap rum and a confused man
Calibrating memories to support
Unreached conclusions
War, it’s a war, die for your cause.

If you don’t you are not a hero
Zero, you killed for your cause
Why won’t you die for it now
Does your cause end in service
No longer a paid dog of WAR

Horror or pain horror or pain
Scars on your heart like
The scars on the arm of a lion tamer.
Remainder of your equation
Bloody alcoholic filled with sin

Stabbed in the back by the ones
Who made this deal for your soul
Horror pain war games
Shamed by the haunting pictures
Floating into your alcoholic repose.

Time flows by in frozen chunks of life
The knife that truth of life
To kill or be killed or to harmonize
Finding no place to rest
Floating into your peaceful repose.

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