The Fabric of Reality

What’s better a mind that gets less information and expands it, or a mind that gets to much information and must simplify it?

The mind ‘weaves’ together a reality from the data coming in through senses. When there is too much input the mind must simplify the data to be able to make conscious sense of it, the rope. The information being absorbed is like a rope, a thick braided strand is now the medium to be used to weave the fabric of reality. Where as in the past before mass media , the Internet, and hand-held devices, the social influence was delivered in a different way. Poetry, stories, treatise, and plays where the politically an socially significant mediums of information. As well as scientific and religious scholarly works. Still in this way the information coming in was short of all the high definition images, the sounds, or the multiple routes to which these data sets can reach our minds. The mind had to expand on these data sets to complete them. This accompanied with the discussions that might occur in response to a group taking in this data, creates an investment of the individual in the creation of this reality. The information needs to be woven together and with care to arrive at a final product worthy of sharing in social context. Rather than with a rope like input where it can be copy/pasted , or googled for validity. If one does try to weave a reality from this rope like input they risk a tapestry that is stiff and full of holes. An argument of this nature would surely be deemed conspiracy.
This is a new thing, although it can be stated that the rope has been getting thicker for some time, with a large increase coming at the advent and adoption of personal devices of media consumption. But are we seeing a fundamental rejection of this much data? Not necessarily, but what we are seeing is three trends starting to occur, the controlling organizations are creating software programs to sort and deal with this ‘big data’ on an individualized level, because of the ease of digital identification and iteration of process being so easy in software. Then the people, who are splitting into two groups , those weary of this collection and tired of being fed the rope like data. Second, those who accept this and blast out almost an equal amount of information in a behavior patten known as
‘over share’. Where we are headed from here is impossible to predict, but from what I have seen on WordPress search statistics is that the key term ‘Poetry’ is growing in popularity. Maybe there is a limit and a feedback loop of information density here. While there is an enormous amount of sources today, in the end we choose to turn on a device or leave it off.

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