La Bellezza è Desiderio .

I watch life passing me by
Through this little screen
We call a smartphone device
From back home I watch the love of my life, paired off through Facebook.

My dream girl dreams in Italian now
The loves of my life now engaged
I sit broken hearted hibernating
In a dark cold cave

I’ve always been afraid to say what I mean to those who I mean to love.
This love from a distance is how I was raised. I’ve been crushing on her since the seventh grade.

Emotions like oceans this windy day
setting sun glistening water from rays
I would never call you darling
You are far more than a car or a place or a game.

I would call you Luce dal cielo
Luce in questo oscuro mondo
Light from heaven
Bright light in this dark world.

Beautiful girl
Bella ragazza girare intorno
Si posa sul mio
Si posa sul mio

Il mio amore è congelato
in questo posto bellissimo

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