Cannabis Nutella

Feeding you chocolate is almost as fun as rolling a joint and getting high with you after we have exhausted ourselves on the road or in our tent. 

Now that those days have passed I would grasp on to anything that brings your scent to my senses.

Marajuana medicated Nutella.

I’ve done it I thought. I found the missing link to our love. If only I could produce this dreamy Devine desert she would never leave.

She told me she always leaves. I told her I would follow her where ever she would go. 

Chocolate marajuana hazelnut spread is just one of the roots I am clinging to as I try to climb back up this crumbling cliff side of my love.

When I think of your heart next to mine. I hope you can feel the love that I have intended for you.

para encontrar o amor um dia vale uma vida de solidão

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