Boletus In My Dreams

I dreamed of finding kings 
In a forest of giants
and little beings
From the crown below the duff and dust
Some would fancy magic an explanation
For the sudden appearance of the King
I dreamed of gills and someome said Prince
But i knew the Mycoknights where only trying to thow us off their trail
This small cap of almonds was far to small to sit upon this thrown of reticulated flesh
Where is the Pennybun?
Look on bends and creekside fens
In small wholes of rich dark gold
Where fairys sit and contemplate the changing of their seasons
Trilliums and truffles
Gonfidium and mussels
What a world of magic
This ocean side forest holds
All the secrets to love
And the oldest of kings
wake wih me not in our bed
but upon the trails head
in dark rolling canyons
swing from the roots
open your eyes
we are home

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