An Eternity and A Moment

You never dove deep enough
To know me or even yourself
A long walk means different things
To different people
One mile, Two miles, Three lifetimes Four lifetimes,
Or the term infinite
It might as well mean zero we have been told
Has opening your mind ever changed your heart?
There are millions of poems all around us
But we search the internet for the one that
Will help replace this feeling we are escaping
What about a poem that teaches you something
About yourself, about the world, ignoring the I’s
Pressing deeper to walk in your mind
Through the growth of a tree, a forest’s succession
There are many things greater than the moment you are in
Swimming through the atmosphere of your perception
Awakening to the unique sensations of decomposition and growth
One lifetime, two lifetimes, three miles, four miles
An eternity and a moment

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